Oct 14, 2010

Stream Direct a Scam? Is Stream Direct a Fraud?

Stream Direct Scam? Fairly recently, I bought a product known as Stream Direct, a form of software which enables people to view satellite tv on their home personal computer. Of course, what makes Stream Direct and various other systems similar to it so popular is their commitment to supply countless stations for a modest once only payment and this is the selling feature ultimately convinced me to look at it. All the while, however, something in the back of my mind kept questioning – Is Stream Direct a scam or is it legitimate?

By way of lead up, I’d been fairly dissatisfied with my existing cable provider because my premiums appeared to be increasing at an alarming rate but, at the same time, the quality of the entertainment was going down. As my disappointment grew, I started to become ever more dedicated to identifying ways to get TV programming which was interesting to me and also at a more reasonable price.

I checked around online and, after a lot of thought, I narrowed my selection down to 2 contenders – Stream Direct and a new product called Satellite Soft. These two products provided much the same service but, in the end, I opted to go with Stream Direct as it seemed to have somewhat better reviews and presented a more expansive selection of programming.

Stream Direct sends you a verification code by email when you purchase the product which you enter once the software is downloaded onto your desktop. It took me a couple of minutes to figure this out but, once I had the key entered, the system started up right away and took me to the navigation menu and I was in business.

The initial thing that struck me regarding Stream Direct was its user friendliness, the clean high definition picture as well as the great audio.

The video streamed without difficulty and was sharp and when I linked it iin to my multichannel audio receiver, the films and music channels sounded amazing.

There is a lot more programming than I could ever dream of actually getting around to watching with stations from all over North America, the UK, Europe and elsewhere. The channels are classified not only based on country but by interest also with a large offering of movies, sports entertainment, news and specialty programming.

It’s been several months since I first downloaded Stream Direct and I could not be happier with how it has worked for me to this point. I’m benefiting from a lot more programming and having to pay much less for it which has made me a highly satisfied user.


Stream Direct Scam

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